Salud Consulting, Inc.
Salud Consulting, Inc..

How to say beans in Spanish


With Salud Consulting, Inc., your company benefits from a combination of clinical nutrition expertise, corporate communications skills and a vast understanding of trends and traditions in the Hispanic market.

Find out how Salud Consulting will help you ...

  • Create credible products and recipes
    • Writing and translating recipes and any related copy for multiple uses
    • Nutrient analysis for recipe development, labeling, packaging, product positioning (i.e., heart-healthy brochures, new product launches)
    • Cultural competency to adjust recipes or materials in context for the target market
  • Enhance marketing and communications programs
    • Development of strategic direction for food and nutrition communications programs
    • Development of educational, informational, promotional materials
    • Copywriting, editing, translating in English and Spanish
    • Spokespeople, models, voice announcers
    • Set up and run demonstrations and events
  • Reach the growing Hispanic audience
    • Hispanic food and nutrition expertise
    • Hispanic recipe development and testing
    • Strategic development and support to reach the Hispanic consumer
    • Expertise in the diversity within the U.S. Hispanic population to broaden appeal

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